Dear Tanie and Pierre ( The true angels at “Angels Garden” )

I saw in our system, that Rosalind had died and I am so sorry for your loss. You both took such good care of her…I especially liked the way she would ” light up ” when Pierre teased her ! you are both doing such important work, and you do it in such a loving , expert way. I hope that you can find comfort in the fact that while Rosalind was in your care, she was nurtured and given loving care, completely honoring who she was, and what she wanted.

I hope we cross paths again.

PJ Hallberg


Although Mom suffered from increasing dementia the last several years, she always had a smile for me and never forgot her family. Mom loved people, especially her family and recognition of us was etched in her brain. She often said to me she wished she could remember things when she would forget we went out minutes after we returned, or even where she lived. However, she never got upset with me or complained that I never came to see her and she was always concerned about our family.

Tanie Guirand, owner of the Angel’s Garden, the Assisted Living Home Mom lived in the last few months, said my Mom was easy to help and her staff and family,liked my Mom very much. We are most grateful to Tanie, her family, especially her beautiful daughter, Ashley, and staff for treating Mom like she was part of their family and making Mom’s last few months so beautiful.

By the daughter of Mrs. R Teicher


When a Home Turns into Family

All of her life Nina Johnson’s mother, Ruth Colpo took care of others. A full-time homemaker, Ruth was devoted to caring for her siblings, as well as her loving husband and three children. “It was love at first sight with my parents.they enjoyed dancing and swimming” said Nina. “Mom was a fabulous cook and liked to sew and do crochet.”

floralFollowing in her footsteps, Nina, and her sister, took on the role of caring for Ruth after the passing of their father. But as their mother’s rheumatoid arthritis worsened, they wanted to find a home that could serve as an ideal supportive environment for her.

While at first she was in large assisted living homes, Nina felt as if her mother was just a ‘number’ there. “She was more mobile when she was there as she participated in a lot of activities and trivia games that stimulated her mind,” said Nina. floral“But she got to the point where she couldn’t stand up on her own and she experienced a major personality change.”

She then looked into a smaller setting for her mother. And it was not long before they found the perfect family for Ruth at The Angels Garden, a residential assisted living home in Rockville, MD. Here, Ruth was not only cared for by others, but she had returned to her old self looking after her fellow residents.

“She was a mother there,” said Nina. “There were five people she just kept checking on, and she would find help if something was wrong.”floral But as she watched over others, Ruth had still not recovered from the pain of losing her husband and she passed away in March. “Her heart was very strong, but I think both of their prayers were heard as she was in a lot of pain,” said Nina.

Although she greatly misses her mother, she will always be grateful for the care Ruth received at The Angels Garden. “The staff always had a smile on their faces,” said Nina, “They were always so careful and were the most wonderful people.” For Nina, who has been experiencing back problems, it was a relief knowing her mother was in such good hands. She would pick Ruth up for doctor’s appointments as the staff helped her into the car, even escorting her on occasion. While Nina understands her mother is in a better place, she is thankful for the great place in which her mother spent her final months. “I can’t give them enough credit,” she said.

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